Craft as Compassion & Kindness

I found this gorgeous book:  “Care Packages: Celebrating the art and craft of thoughtfully made packages” by Michelle Mackintosh, an Australian artist.  Here’s the very compassionate seed for the book:

“In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find the time to stop, think and act when we know someone dear to us is struggling or has wonderful news.  Everyone needs to be cared for at some point in their lives; not just when things are tough, but also in times of celebration and joy.”

And so the book is filled with inspiration on how to create “care packages” for all sorts of reasons:  living far from home, a short or long illness, feeling isolated, a new love, and the other usual but very important events like graduation, new baby, anniversary…

Half the book is ideas for paper and fabric crafting in miniature, recipes for lemon curd, tomato sauce (for an Italian dinner care package!), muesli, packaging ideas such as how the Japanese wrap things.  The other half is the packages themselves but they are all a jumping off point for your own creativity and what your loved ones would love.


PS: I found it in The Strand Bookstore, a New York City landmark and a must-go for booklovers.  Opened in 1927, The Strand has about 2.5 million books, mostly secondhand.  Their Crafts Section is just wonderful because it has books from various decades.


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